It Took 43,000 LEGO Bricks To Build This Venator-Class Star Destroyer!

It Took 43 000 Lego Bricks Build This Venator Class Star Destroyer

When we found this 10,000 brick LEGO Sandcrawler we were absolutely blown away by the amount of detail. It drives via radio control, lights up and even has a droid mangling conveyor belt on the inside. It seemed like it would be hard to beat, but Iomedes has done it with this Venator Class Star Destroyer.

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The Venator Class Star Destroyer is one of the largest ships from the Star Wars movies and this LEGO version is a surprising 8-feet long! It’s not the first Venator Class built from LEGOs, but this build steals the show by being all LEGO and not relying on glue and screws to hold itself together.

8 feet is pretty damn big for a LEGO build (we‘ve seen bigger), but that’s not even the most impressive part. The real shocker was finding out Iomedes’ ridiculously awesome Star Destroyer weighs in at a whopping 180-pounds -- it could kill you and wouldn’t even have to use the laser canons!

The build is actually a replica of a Venator Class Star Destroyer built by Erik Varszegi back in 2005 and it took Iomedes a long 3 and a half months working day and night to complete the project. With all that time and energy sunk into this creation I’m a little worried about how Iomedes plans on moving this beast.

The photo above is just one example of the incredible attention to detail and if you’d like to see more photos you can head over to . There's also been a video of his LEGO Venator Class Star Destroyer uploaded on YouTube that you can check out below.

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