It's Been 15 Years Since Jennifer Lopez's Famous Versace Grammys Dress

Its Been 15 Years Since Jennifer Lopezs Famous Versace Grammys Dress

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Quick! What comes to mind when you think 'classic J.Lo '? Sure, she's had so many fierce looks that there are a couple of options: that white crop top with the matching bedazzled headband she wore to the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards, that pink jumpsuit from the 'I'm Real (Remix)' music video, etc. etc. But if we polled everyone in the world, we could probably all agree that one of the most epic statements Jennifer Lopez has made in fashion was that super duper low-cut green Versace dress she wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards.

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Can you believe that was 15 years ago?? We can’t. Especially because she looks exactly the same in 2015. Maybe even better, actually.

Exhibit A: In March of last year (2014), Lopez graced the world with a comeback of the Versace dress' famous palm frond pattern, only this time, it was on one of her signature long-pant jumpsuits in her music video for I Luh Ya, Papi .

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Then, that summer when she went back to the block to perform a star-studded and totally free concert for her fans, she broke out yet another outfit with the pattern—a cute little unitard with a pull-away wrap—showing that Versace is truly timeless. And honestly, we wouldn't mind if she kept bringing it back.

Check out this clip from MTV’s House of Style to watch Jen talk to Iggy Azalea about her infamous Grammys dress.