It's Iron Man Vs. Hulk In Our Insane, Exclusive 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Scene

Its Iron Man Vs Hulk Our Insane

In case you've (somehow) fully recovered from that insane ' Avengers: Age Of Ultron ' scene that just debuted at the MTV Movie Awards , there's probably only one question on your mind: how can I watch it again?

Easy answer, best friend. The 90-second long scene that kicks off an even bigger fight scene (trust us, we've seen the whole movie) can be watched right here, right now:

Did your breath get knocked out of you harder than a gamma-irradiated fist striking a several ton suit of armor? Don't worry, we're going to break it down even further into 16 insane moments from the clip... And we actually had to narrow them down.

  1. Stomp 2: The Stompening Disney/Marvel

    Okay, so this moment we've seen pretty much since the first trailer... But the entrance of Tony Stark's 'Hulkbuster' armor still packs a punch. Or rather, a stomp.

  2. Hulkbuster Assemble Disney/Marvel

    ...And same with that armor forming up. Look, he's wearing a suit of armor under his larger suit of armor!

  3. My Horrible Face Disney/Marvel

    Hey, something is wrong with The Hulk, huh? Look at the way he's grabbing his face. Anyway, same, Hulk. Same.

  4. Sabrina, Right? Disney/Marvel

    Not, not that teenage witch. Tony is talking about newcomer Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), who has maybe done something very, very wrong to The Hulk.

  5. That Car Packs A Punch Disney/Marvel

    That thing where you throw a car and then run at the car and then punch through the car as it lands. You know, that thing.

  6. Kicking Asphalt Disney/Marvel

    At first, it's unclear whether anything can go toe-to-toe with The Hulk. But this shot handily answers the question by dragging him through the frickin' street.

  7. Denied Disney/Marvel

    When you show up at the club without your ID, and the bouncer is like

    como se livrar da cicatriz do herpes labial
  8. Rampaging Hulk Disney/Marvel

    OK, this is a stretch, but it's possible the Crawford on this truck could be a reference to Dr. Geoffrey Crawford, the man who -- in the comics at least -- taught Bruce Banner physics, and eventually became a Hulk-like creature named Ravage. Or it could just be a food truck, who knows?

  9. Sneak, Sneak His Name Is Hulk Disney/Marvel

    Best sneak attack since that time the T-Rex snuck into the main hallway at the end of 'Jurassic Park' with no-one noticing.

  10. Who Needs A Massage? Disney/Marvel

    Yes, Tony, it is a d--k move. But maybe The Hulk is just trying to work out the kinks in your muscles?

  11. Get Off My Back Disney/Marvel

    Related: also a d--k move.

  12. That Sky Thing Disney/Marvel

    Okay, since it's not in the clip (but in the movie) we'll just say there's a pretty amazing joke involving the name of this thing hanging in the sky. Basically, think about what Tony Stark might name a deterrent for the Hulk, and you're halfway there.

  13. Shake It Off Disney/Marvel

    Because the Hulks are gonna Hulk, Hulk, Hulk, Hulk, Hulk.

  14. Beam My Little Lady Disney/Marvel

    Speaking of shaking it off, Hulk seems unfazed by that repulsor ray, doesn't he?

  15. I've Got To Hand It To You Disney/Marvel

    That's just cool. I want a hand to just fly out of nowhere onto my hand.

  16. Science Bros Fist Bump Disney/Marvel

    If they weren't in the middle of a fight, this would be the definitive Science Bros fist bump GIF. Okay, let's just say it is, anyway.