It's Official: JWOWW Is One Of The 'Worst Cooks In America'

Its Official Jwoww Is One Theworst Cooks America

Jenni Farley wasn't exactly known for her culinary skills on ' Jersey Shore ' -- the cooking was usually left to housemates The Situation and Vinny -- but these days, she's ready to rock the kitchen.

The ' Snooki & JWOWW ' alum will be slicing, dicing and possibly flambéing in her pursuit of victory on tonight's Season 7 premiere of the Food Network's ' The Worst Cooks in America .' But can celebrity food virtuosos Rachael Ray and Anne Burrell turn the self-described 'lazy' cook and her competitors -- Barry Williams, Chris Soules, Dean Cain, Ellen Cleghorne, Jaleel White and Kendra Wilkinson -- into kitchen wizards? JWOWW sure hopes so.

'I just want to expand my cooking abilities. I find it to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be working under Anne and Rachael, and that’s just freaking awesome. Like, nobody really gets to say that,' the Jersey girl said in a Q&A for the show.

What will Meilani’s mama earn if she avoids poisoning the judges wins the game? A whopping $50,000 to donate to charity -- and bragging rights, of course.

It won't be as easy as fist pumping, though. The game has a time limit -- something the MTV queen says makes her anxious: 'That puts a lot of pressure [on me], and I’m such a person of, like, OCD, where everything has to be lined up and perfect. And we’re putting a time crunch on that.'

The hopeful chef shared an on-set moment with her Twitter followers, asking fans for support: 'Worst Cooks in America Celeb edition premieres tomorrow nite @9pm ET on @FoodNetwork! R u gonna tune in? #worstcooks'

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Got any tips that might give Jenni the edge she'll need to succeed? Put the comments section to good use... and be sure to wish her good luck tonight!