It's Raining Men: 'Magic Mike' Soundtrack List Is Here!

Its Raining Men Magic Mikesoundtrack List Is Here

Before we go any further, we might as well acknowledge that absolutely nobody is going to see ' Magic Mike ' for its musical soundtrack and that we'd just as happily watch Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello whip off their pants and gyrate to the greatest hits of Milli Vanilli or a dramatic reading of the local phone book, all things considered. But! It's still interesting to see what the male revue will be busting a move to when the movie hits theaters this summer—you know, academically speaking —and today, the track list is out for perusal on the Billboard website. So, what've we got?

More or less what you'd expect! Including lots of danceable tracks that make a good accompaniment for dudely hip-thrusting and—of course—a cover of 'It's Raining Men' (a.k.a. a song required by law to appear on the soundtrack of any/every movie about male strippers). The full rundown of songs from the film is after the jump!

1. 'Breakdown' - Alice Russell

2. 'It's Raining Men'- Countre Black

3. 'Bang Bang Boom' - The Unknown

4. 'Gimme What You Got' - Black Daniel

5. 'Just For Now' - Cloud Control

6. 'Money' - Ringside

7. 'Sassy Sexy Wiggle' - Joe Tex

8. 'Mo Cash!' - Vegas Audio Ninjas

9. 'Wash U Clean' - Beth Thornley

10. 'Victim' - Win Win featuring Blaqstarr

11. 'Ladies of Tampa' - Matthew McConaughey

12. 'Feels Like the First Time' - Foreigner

However, the soundtrack also includes a couple of surprises: there's no sign of the Ginuwine song 'Pony', which we know Channing dances to at some point during 'Magic Mike'—but there is a contribution by Matthew McConaughey, who'll appear second-to-last with 'Ladies of Tampa.' And if you're wondering just what sort of recording artist Mr. McConaughey might be... well, we don't know about his vocal range, but no doubt his musical stylings will be very, very shirtless.

Which of these songs would you most like to see the 'Magic Mike' guys grind to?