It's Troy And Gabriella's 10th Anniversary And Now We Feel Ancient

Its Troy Gabriellas 10th Anniversary

Thursday, Dec. 31 is a momentous occasion. On New Year's Eve 10 years ago, Troy Bolton ( Zac Efron ) and Gabriella Montez ( Vanessa Hudgens ) from Disney Channel's ' High School Musical ' first laid eyes on each other. The two met during winter break at a ski lodge, where they did an impromptu karaoke duet to 'Start of Something New.'

The movie itself came out Jan. 20, 2006, but the story started on New Year's Eve. Here's a much-needed refresher, in case you don't remember this pivotal scene:

After the song ends, partygoers at the lodge watch fireworks as the clock strikes midnight. Troy and Gabriella, feelin' the chemistry, exchange numbers but don't really expect to see each other again. Then Gabriella coincidentally moves to his high school, East High, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Talk about ~fate~.

Disney Channel

Because it's Disney Channel, and because our middle school selves were suckers for a sappy ending, Troy and Gabriella start dating by the end of the movie. They go on to break up in ' High School Musical 2 ,' when Gabriella calls it off with 'Gotta Go My Own Way.' ???

Their love perseveres, though, and they ultimately end up attending colleges near each other -- Gabriella heads to Stanford, Troy to Berkeley -- for the sake of their relationship. After 10 years together, who knows where they are now? Probably somewhere singing to each other, that's for sure.

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