J. Cole Went Platinum With No Features Again, Because Memes Never Die

J Cole Went Platinum With No Features Again

Kanye tem um tipo de meme

He’s done it again: J. Cole ’s gone platinum with no features, and the memes are comin’ in hot.

The North Carolina rapper’s album 4 Your Eyez Only , released back in December, is now his second consecutive album to top a million units. It was a big deal the first time around, with 2014 Forest Hills Drive , because it was the first hip-hop album to do it since Vanilla Ice’s 1990 album To the Extreme . Like Forest Hills , 4 Your Eyez Only achieved platinum certification in just four months.

The platinum with no features meme went viral after Forest Hills , and became a way for Cole’s fans to defend his legacy as one of rap’s reigning titans. You can only imagine their reaction today. Dreamville president Ibrahim Hamad tweeted in celebration of the feat, and Cole’s fans quickly followed. A sampling:

https://twitter.com/KingOfQueenz/status/850389939359436800 https://twitter.com/Dopeitsdeo/status/850414311025631232 https://twitter.com/queridochavito/status/846475496447774720 https://twitter.com/Cristian_Gee17/status/850448575251206144

J. Cole is currently prepping a tour to support 4 Your Eyez Only , and is also releasing his second HBO documentary on April 15.