J. Cole's Obsession Leads To 'Cole'-Blooded Murder In 'Power Trip' Video

J Coles Obsession Leads Tocole Blooded Murder Inpower Tripvideo

Plenty of hip-hop videos have opened up with a strip club as the backdrop, but very few have taken as dramatic a turn as J. Cole 's brand-new 'Power Trip.'

We can almost guarantee that you'll need to give this clip, which premiered Tuesday morning (April 9) on MTV, a second spin to absorb exactly what went down. Once that happens, the stressed-out, delirious look on Cole's face at the beginning of the video will make a lot more sense.

After the strip-club scene, we follow the Roc Nation rapper and one of his boys as they wait outside of a girl's house — clearly the one who he's been up all night pining about with 'constant drinking and love songs.' Soon, we also learn that this tank-top-clad girl has a boyfriend: Cole's collaborator, Miguel.

As that sequence fades away, we're left to wonder where Cole and his friend are driving to and why there are pieces of wood and plastic bags tied to the top of their car. A suspicious cop pulls them over, but finding nothing besides a shovel in the trunk, he lets them on their way. It's not until the duo finally park in the woods and remove the items from the top of the car that we understand the rapper's obsession has actually led to 'Cole'-blooded murder.

On 'Power Trip,' from the Fayetteville MC's upcoming Born Sinner, Cole admits to having sleepless nights while consumed with thoughts of this girl. But the biggest hint of his mental breakdown is the line in which he reveals he 'even wrote the song 'Dreams' for ya.'

'Dreams,' as J. Cole fans know, appeared on his 2009 mixtape, The Warm Up. On the track, he spends a few verses waxing poetic about his love for a girl he barely knows and then proceeds to dream up a way to murder her boyfriend before closing out the song with a diabolical scheme. 'I'ma follow in my car, I'ma cut in front of his/ Run him right into the wall, maybe even off the bridge/ I give her a little time, then console her while she crying,' he raps.

Although Cole doesn't follow his original plan step by step in the new video, he does an unforgettable job of tying in a storyline from a four-year-old mixtape, and catches us all by surprise.

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