James Brown Mourns Wife's Death

James Brown Mourns Wifes Death

James Brown is in seclusion in Los Angeles lamenting the

senseless death of his wife, Adrienne Lois Brown, 47, who died Saturday,

January 6 at a Century City Hospital, two days after undergoing cosmetic

surgery. The Associated Press reported that she collapsed at the Beverly

Hills health facility where she was recuperating from the surgery and was

rushed to the Century City hospital, where she later died. An autopsy was done

on Sunday but the coroner's Lt. Deborah Peterson refused to release the

results, adding fuel to all kinds of speculation, despite the fact that both

the hospital and the coroner's spokesman said there was nothing to indicate

Mrs. Brown's death was related to the surgery or foul play. Initial findings

are that Mrs. Brown exhibited early signs of heart disease, but more tests are

required to establish the cause of death.

James Brown, 62, was distraught

when he arrived in Los Angeles at 10 PM on Saturday (Dec. 6) from his home in

Thomson , GA. The two met in 1981 on the set of 'Solid Gold' where Mrs. Brown

worked as a hair stylist. They were married for ten years and had an often

tumultuous relationship, which was marred by alleged physical violence,

resulting in Mrs. Brown filing assault charges against the singer three times.

The most recent charge was this past Halloween, which she later recanted. The

singer has a court date in South Carolina later this month for that charge of

domestic violence--a charge that Brown had denied, saying that his wife was

being treated for drug addiction, and that was why she contacted police.