Jamie Foxx And Gerard Butler Traded Roles In 'Law Abiding Citizen'

Jamie Foxx Gerard Butler Traded Roles Inlaw Abiding Citizen

[movie id='411771']'Law Abiding Citizen'[/movie] is a shifty film, with characters you thought you could root for suddenly making you question your allegiances in a morally ambiguous world.

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It was shifty for the movie's real-life stars too. Gerard Butler and [movieperson id='21681']Jamie Foxx[/movieperson] actually switched roles before shooting began, as they both explained to MTV News a few weeks before the film's Friday release date.

Originally, Foxx was set to play Clyde Shelton, a family man whose life is shattered after his family is killed during a home invasion. Butler was lined up to play Nick Rice, a prosecutor who cuts a deal to send one killer to death row while setting his accomplice free. Shelton doesn't take kindly to this sort of legal justice and, he being a former super-agent type, decides to enact a bloody, explosion-heavy form of revenge on everyone who allowed it to happen.

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'For two years, I was playing that role,' explained Butler, whose production company spearheaded the film's development. 'From when we got the script, I just looked at it and just always presumed I would be playing Nick Rice. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought, 'You know, it'd be kind of cool to try Clyde, to take on that role, something I'd never done before.' '

Foxx had already agreed to play Shelton, but when Butler asked if he'd like to switch, Foxx was game. After seeing Butler as a sword-swinging badass in '300,' Foxx knew he was the right man for the role. 'When I look at Gerard Butler and I see '300,' just as a dude, I'm like, 'I want to see him do some dude stuff. I want to see him blow up some stuff and beat up some stuff,' ' Foxx said.

'I had the movie '300' playing in my trailer the entire time we were shooting,' Foxx added with a laugh.

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