'Jane Eyre' And The Naked Michael Fassbender Scene That Almost Was

Jane Eyreand Naked Michael Fassbender Scene That Almost Was

Anyone following the life and times of Michael Fassbender these days knows that with the release of 'Shame,' 'X-Men: First Class,' 'A Dangerous Method,' and 'Jane Eyre,' there's a lot of the rising star to go around. And when talking about 'Shame' we mean that both literally and metaphorically.

Interestingly enough, there was almost more of Michael added to 'Jane Eyre,' according to director Cary Fukunaga, with whom MTV News recently chatted with about the success of the film and a few of the bonus features on the DVD/Blu-ray.

'There was lots of talk about that scene when he gets out of bed, when his bed is on fire, about how naked he was going to be in that scene, and I swear to God all the ladies at BBC and Focus were really pushing for that to be a somewhat naked scene,' Fukunaga revealed. 'If that would have happened we would have had a lot of set visits that day as well. He’s definitely a lady-pleaser.'

We asked Fukunaga how he feels having been aboard the Fassbender train ahead of everyone else and he laughed and modestly protested that others had discovered the young talent before him.

'I think ['Shame' director] Steve McQueen was probably the earliest aboard the Fassbender train, but I’m the first one to use him as a romantic lead, I think,' Fukunaga said. 'He plays severe characters but there is definitely a charismatic, romantic side to him. I’m sure he’s done a lot of that stuff before on television but of the films of his that came out this year, we were the first to feature him as a romantic lead.'

But this post isn't all about Michael's performance in 'Jane Eyre,' we were also lucky enough to happen upon an EXCLUSIVE clip of young Jane (Amelia Clarkson) doing some stunt work and pretend-pummeling her co-star, after which the feisty young actress gave a particularly excited interview to the behind-the-scenes cameras in which she describes how 'good' it was to get to beat up a boy. (Watch the clip after the jump!)

Fukunaga revealed that the best part about Amelia's interview is that she was speaking with a slightly foreign accent to her.

'We were going through the footage that my friend Rob shot behind-the-scenes and he said, ‘Oh, I have to show you this interview,'' Fukunaga recalled. 'Milly is from Leicester and she’s actually speaking with the equivalent of a thug accent in that little vignette. I thought it was so hilarious because she’s so not Cockney and she was speaking super Cockney. She’s pretty feisty.'

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