Jared Leto Debuts Orbis Epsilon Back Tattoo!

Jared Leto Debuts Orbis Epsilon Back Tattoo

Jared Leto.
Photo: Courtesy of @JaredLeto Instagram

BIG NEWS: after teasing us on Twitter practically nonstop over the past 24 hours, Jared Leto has revealed his brand new back tattoo! The actor and 30 Seconds to Mars frontman made a deal with his followers yesterday, saying that he would unveil his latest ink once he reached 1 million, and well, it happened. Mere minutes ago. That was quick! (Um, NOT that we were refreshing our Jared Leto Twitter tab, or anything...). He posted the photo of himself facing backwards against a stark blue background this morning, saying 'I made you a promise when I hit one million followers. Thank you all! xo' No Jared, thank YOU.

The tat depicts the Orbis Epsilon, otherwise known as a circle divided into two equal parts with four arrows shooting out. And as any member of the 30STM Echelon will tell you, the symbol has been a huge part of the band's merch , philosophy, and even Jared himself. Remember that Orbis Epsilon necklace he rocked back in December? The dude clearly looooves symmetry— he's no stranger to using arrows and triangles in album artwork like This Is War — so his new emblem ink makes TOTAL SENSE.

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