Jason Derulo Gets Sexy, Steamy And Shirtless In ‘Want To Want Me’ Video

Jason Derulo Gets Sexy

Woah, it appears that Jason Derulo is certainly enjoying life as a 'Want To Want Me,' and in it he's sweaty, sexy and most definitely shirtless.


Oh, and he also proves that he's in ridiculous shape by doing sit-ups upside-down, hanging from the ceiling, while a woman is taking a bath. You know, the usual.

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Jason premiered the video in a unique but no-so-easy-to-find way, encouraging fans to seek him out on Tinder and then swipe right to view it.

Once they could track him down, fans got a steamy surprise with this video, which follows Jason on a mission to meet up with a girl he just can't stop thinking about, proving that there's nothing he wouldn't do 'just to get up next to you.'

In between super sensual scenes of Jason ripping of his shirt, rolling around in a bed of red sheets and getting down with his video lover, he takes a stage serenading his woman and showing off his impressive falsetto and dance moves.

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Jason's latest single, which just made Top 40 radio history, becoming the most added track, is the first song off his upcoming fourth album.