Jay Z And Drake Crash J. Cole's Forest Hills Drive Tour On Closing Night

Jay Z Drake Crash J

J. Cole has already seen his fair share of success, especially with his latest album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive -- a number one hit. But he can now add Jay Z , Big Sean and Drake -approved to his list of accomplishments.

To wrap up his summer-long Forest Hills Drive tour, Cole invited all three to the stage during his final tour stop in Fayetteville, North Carolina last night (August 29). Any true fan knows the surprise appearances in Fayetteville weren't a coincidence. Cole was born and raised in Fayetteville. And, of course, 2014 Forest Hills Drive is also the address of Cole's childhood home. Getting the kiss of approval from some of contemporary hip-hop's greatest in his hometown was just as monumental as it seems.

The list of guest stars began with Jay Z and Big Sean who joined Cole on stage to play a number of different songs including 'Clique' and 'IDFWU.'

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qcpbc3K7ew https://twitter.com/DreamvilleFans/status/637848060492673024 https://twitter.com/djmobeatz/status/637821957610864641

During his onstage appearance, Drake performed 'Know Yourself,' bouncing all around the stage with as much excitement as if the concert was his own. Later, Drake sealed the momentous night with an emotional declaration of brotherhood between the two.


'I just want to let you know ... this s--t that we do, this music business, is tough man,' Drake said during the show. 'It's tough to meet good people, real people. I want to let you know something about this guy right here. This one of the realest, greatest, most genuine, talented motherf--kers I ever met in my life.'

Later, Drake performed a new verse and 'Back to Back,' his diss toward Meek Mill . And if it wasn't apparent who the 'winner' was in this feud, Drake clearly had the upper hand with most of the audience rapping along to the song.

After a summer of concert guests, Cole's final show was a pretty sweet moment that demonstrated friendship between many of our favorite acts. We're pretty sure Cole would agree too.