Jay-Z To Partner With Billionaire Boys Club, Not A 'Takeover'

Jay Z Partner With Billionaire Boys Club

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Is Jay-Z attempting to be the boss of all bosses or what? Just days before he and Kanye West will attempt to shock the world with their joint album Watch The Throne , the Brooklyn bomber made headlines earlier today (August 3) after reports that the Roc Nation mogul has purchased an old friend’s clothing label – and what a fitting purchase it would have been for Jay-Z.

GQ reported earlier today that Jay-Z’s Rocawear fashion brand is now in ownership of licensing Neptunes producer Pharrell Williams’ Billionaire Boys Club clothing brand and will now oversee the manufacturing and distribution of the high end street wear product. GQ further reported that sources say that this isn’t a total coup for Jay as he’ll work in partnership with Pharrell to continue building the BBC brand. Jay-Z quickly cleared up the facts and calls the pairing between he and Pharrell a 'partnering' and not a purchase via his Twitter account .

Jay-Z and Pharrell, frequent collaborators in the past musically, and their new venture is interesting as a lot of artist-led clothing labels have not flourished as well as Rocawear and Diddy’s Sean John. It also marks a new era for street wear brands as those labels come and go with the rapidly changing tastes of the consumers. With Jay-Z’s strong business savvy and Pharrell’s next level sense of style, this new link should insure that Billionaire Boys Club will survive in the rough seas of street wear fashion.

Perhaps Jay-Z’s Change Clothes track he rocked with Pharrell and the Neptunes back in 2003 was a bit of foreshadowing from Hova.

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