Jenni Farley Opens Up About Her Mother's Brain Condition [Video]

Jenni Farley Opens Up About Her Mothers Brain Condition

Words often used to describe Jenni Farley: feisty, stubborn, praying mantis. But, as any tough girl will admit (well, if totally put on the spot), there's a softness that lurks deep inside, and Jenni revealed that part of herself on tonight's ' Snooki & JWOWW ' when the surprising topic of her mother's brain condition came up. Suddenly, thousands of asteroid-sized light bulbs went off, and we understood why Jenni keeps so private about her childhood.

Since ' Jersey Shore ' began, we've seen the guidette's cool, hippie-dad pop up here and there, but until now, she'd never even mentioned her mom. As we learned on the episode, the story behind their relationship is a complicated one, dating back to when the MTV star was 2 years old and her mom was moved to an assisted-living care facility. 'She had no memory; I was 5 one day, 12 the next day, I didn't exist the other day,' she tells Nicole of her mother's cognitive issues in the ' Tea Time with Snooki & JWOWW ' clip below. At the time this episode was filmed, Jenni hadn't seen her mom for over two years.

At 10 years old, Jenni (very maturely) told her dad it was time to let go. 'I think he was staying with her, in a marriage, for me,' she says to Snooki. 'But I was like, 'She doesn't live with us 90 percent of the time, and when she comes home she's sick,' so I kinda pushed my dad to get the divorce.' Pretty heavy conversation to have at age 1o. She praises her father for sticking by his mother's side for so long, and for taking full custody of a 2-year-old when he was in his early 20s. 'Can you imagine, like, Vinny, having to take custody over a 2-year-old? she asks Snooks. Verdict: No. Nooooooooo.

+ Check out the clip to hear more about Jenni's family's history, and share your reactions to her story in the comments.

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