Jennifer Aniston's 'Millers' Lap Dance Had Jason Sudeikis Giving 'Elevator Eyes'

Jennifer Anistons Millerslap Dance Had Jason Sudeikis Givingelevator Eyes

In ' We're the Millers ,' Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston's characters have to form a makeshift family in order to smuggle an enormous amount of weed out of Mexico, and on set they formed a similar bond.

Specifically, it was the salacious scene that played during the red-band trailer, a lap dance Aniston performs for a drug lord, that brought them so close, as they explained to MTV News' Josh Horowitz when they sat down for an interview. (Aniston's character works as a stripper before joining up with Sudeikis, Emma Roberts and Will Poulter for their south-of-the-border adventure.)

'I would say it was a clear manifestation of our trust,' Sudeikis said of the stripping scene.

'100 percent trust,' Aniston agreed.

But making sure that the trust between Aniston and Sudeikis was maintained, the actor joked that his didn't look at his co-star at all during the filming of the least, not when he was up close.

'You didn't even look at me,' Aniston said.

'Eye contact the whole time,' Sudeikis said. 'From a distance, you would see the elevator eyes.'

As for the soundtrack to her strip-down, Aniston admitted that 'Sweet Emotion' by Aerosmith was her own musical choice. 'I love my bad boys from Boston. I love Aerosmith,' she said. 'I've loved, worshipped since I was a kid.'

'We're the Millers' opens in theaters on August 7.