Jennifer Lawrence Wants To 'Butter Up' Timothée Chalamet: 'He's Hot!'

Jennifer Lawrence Wants Tobutter Uptimoth E Chalamet

Like it or not, Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood’s reigning relatable queen, and there’s nothing more relatable than thirsting after Timothée Chalamet .

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight , Lawrence admitted that she’s joined the long, long line of human beings with a crush on the Call Me By Your Name actor.

[I’m] buttering him up like a pig for slaughter, she joked, adding that she thinks he’s so, so talented and hot.

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The only wrench in her plan? Lawrence apparently thinks she’s a little too old for Chalamet. There’s only a five-year age difference between the two actors, but Lawrence, 27, is apparently biding her time and waiting for him to get a little bit older.

I'm going to swing right in there as soon as he's, like, 30. He’s old enough to say that, right? He's over 18? she joked. What if I was like, 'He's hot!' and he's 15?

Chalamet has yet to respond to Lawrence’s offer, but he did recently tell The Hollywood Reporter that meeting her was crazy-gratifying, especially after she gushed about Call Me By Your Name .

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Getting to meet Jennifer Lawrence and hearing her say she was moved by the film is on one side of the crazy-gratifying experience of this movie, he said.

Until we see what comes of this complimentary back-and-forth, I have just one thing to say: Get in line, J-Law!