Jennifer Lawrence Was Perfection In 'Silver Linings Playbook': Here's What I Say To Anyone Who Disagrees

Jennifer Lawrence Was Perfection Insilver Linings Playbook

Katniss from 'The Hunger Games' may be able to shoot you with an arrow and Ree from 'Winter's Bone' is probably able to survive on her own longer than you can, but I'm here to say that Tiffany in ' Silver Linings Playbook ' is Jennifer Lawrence 's best role yet.

In her first collaboration with director David O. Russell and forever co-star Bradley Cooper, Lawrence plays a young widow, Tiffany, still reeling from her husband's sudden death. Tiffany meets Cooper's character, Pat, who's just been released into his family's care from a mental institution after the end of his own marriage. They help each other: she promises to deliver secret letters to his ex-wife, and he promises to dance with her in a pro-am dance competition.

Guys, it's magic. We get to see Lawrence flex her acting muscles to the max, making us laugh, cry and possibly dance. Follow along with me here.

  1. She's playing a real person. Weinstein Co.

    Tiffany is a super-passionate, spontaneous, smart woman who's seen more of life than most people her age, and she's not afraid of a little real talk. She might be hard to be around sometimes, but she doesn't mess around.

  2. It gave her the chance to play a whole range of emotions. Weinstein Co.

    While she's done the dark and brooding thing before, 'Silver Linings Playbook' really allowed Lawrence to let loose and yell a bunch. Who doesn't love seeing JLaw unleashed? It's why we love her.

  3. It's darkly hilarious. Weinstein Co.

    'Any women?'

  4. She has some real girl power. Weinstein Co.

    If there's on thing Tiffany's about, it's being who you are and owning yourself. It's a great message: people make mistakes, but your mistakes don't have to define you.

  5. Like we said: hilarious. Weinstein Co.

    But super, super real at the same time.

  6. She dances!

    Who doesn't love it when there's dancing in the movies?

  7. So much dancing! It's really the perfect movie. Weinstein Co.

    Not even remotely kidding.

  8. Her chemistry with Cooper is undeniable. Weinstein Co.

    Look, there's a reason they've gone on to be in how many movies together now?