Jeremy Renner As A BB Vampire On 'Angel' Is The Perfect Birthday #TBT

Jeremy Renner Bb Vampire Onangelis Perfect Birthday Tbt

Before he was Hawkeye in ' The Avengers ,' before he had Elvis hair in ' American Hustle ,' before he inexplicably starred in ' Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters ,' Jeremy Renner was just another actor making the Hollywood guest star rounds, with turns on 'House,' 'CSI' and even a 'National Lampoon' movie.

His most exciting early role, though, was as an angsty vampire with daddy issues on 'Angel.' In 'Somnambulist,' an episode in the show's first season, Renner appeared as Penn, who, frosted tips aside, was pretty darn evil.

In honor of Renner's birthday today (Jan. 7), here are all the best #TBT moments from his vampire days.

  1. First off, let's talk about that hair. The WB


  2. He also rocked the long bowl cut. The WB
  3. He's was good friend to Angel. The WB

    Well at least, in his way.

  4. He was just missing the deets on some of his recent life developments. The WB
  5. He was a little bit evil. The WB

    Okay, probably more than a little bit.

  6. He had some issues with his family. The WB

    So he murdered his family after he turned into a vampire and then spent the next couple centuries recreating their murders with strangers who looked like them... A little bit dramatic, Jer.

  7. Definitely not superhero-like at all. The WB
  8. Although he did have super speed. The WB
  9. And his fighting style was almost as good as Hawkeye's. The WB
  10. He was still pretty suave. The WB
  11. And very cute. The WB

    Easily the most adorable vampire around.

Feel free to return to vampire-dom anytime, Jeremy!