Jersey Shore Bridezilla: Is Angelina Going To Ruin Her Own Wedding?

Jersey Shore Bridezilla

Angelina has certainly had trouble getting along with her Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cohorts -- and if she's not careful, it could wreck her wedding day.

On tonight's episode, it was all about that infamous night in Sin City — and what did (or didn't) happen between Ang and JWOWW's boyfriend Zack . After 'things hit the fan really bad,' JWOWW skipped out on the Staten Island native's bridal shower, leaving Angelina to question whether or not to revoke her roomie's bridesmaid status. Then, during the aforementioned shower, the ' dirty little hamster ' confided to Deena that she also had a blowout with her (former) best friend and maid-of-honor Jeanine.

Cue Deena and her constant voice of reason: 'Everywhere this girl goes, there's drama. It follows her. I'm just hoping and praying that when the wedding does come, everybody shows up and everyone leaves the drama at home, including Angelina. She has a very hard time letting go of drama, and she could be the one to ruin her own special day.' (Dun dun dun!)

It doesn't end there. Angelina then sought advice from Vinny (yep, that Vinny ) about a situation with her fiancé Chris. She confessed that she crept on her future husband's Instagram and discovered that he went to a strip club behind her back.

'Let me remind you that you came to a Chippendales show , and you showed a stripper your vagina,' Vin said. 'Chris could have left you for that, so that's not something to get your panties that you don't wear in a bunch.'

Fast-forward to the day before Angelina's big bachelorette party in New Orleans, when she called on her friend Hannah to replace JWOWW as a bridesmaid — unbeknownst to Jenni. Oh, and unbeknownst to Angelina, Jenni is about to surprise her in NOLA.

So what do you think will happen when JWOWW arrives in New Orleans? And does it feel like we're back in 2010 , or is it just us? Give your take, then catch Angelina's reaction to JWOWW's surprise bachelorette appearance next Jerzday Thursday at 8/7c.