Jesse And Becky's Twins Are All Grown Up In New Fuller House Trailer

Jesse Beckys Twins Are All Grown Up New Fuller House Trailer

We've seen a whole lot of Fuller House in recent weeks, as the Netflix revival series gears up for its release on Feb. 26. However, there have been two faces missing from the show's promotional materials -- and no, we're not referring to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. (That ship has sailed. It's gone. Forever.)

Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse's twin sons, Alex and Nicky Katsopolis, have been quietly M.I.A. from the teasers and trailers released so far. That is, until now. It seems that the official trailer that was released on Ellen DeGeneres’ Ellen Tube just yesterday was missing a few crucial scenes. Namely, one with Alex and Nicky all grown up and inhaling helium. They are their father's children, after all.

Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, now 25, are reprising their roles as Nicky and Alex in the Full House revival, and while it's unclear just how many episodes they signed on for, or what role Nicky and Alex will have in D.J. and Stephanie's new journey as single Tanner women, we do know that they'll show up in the season premiere .

Alex and Nicky will most likely be recent college graduates in Fuller House . As for what they're up to now, Alex is probably a young aspiring entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, and judging from his sleeveless (!) plaid shirt, Nicky is most likely a musician following in his father’s footsteps who probably says things like 'not the hair!' to his nightly conquests.

Elsewhere in the trailer, D.J. reunites with her high school sweetheart, Steve, and our hearts effectively turn to jelly. JUST KISS ALREADY.