The Jesse McCartney Episode Of 'Suite Life' Taught Us 10 Important Life Lessons

Jesse Mccartney Episode Ofsuite Lifetaught Us 10 Important Life Lessons

On September 18, 2005, a memorable guest checked into the Tipton Hotel. It was that 'McCartney fellow,' as Mr. Moseby ( Phill Lewis ) pointed out. No, not Paul McCartney from 'The Beatles,' much to Carey Martin's ( Kim Rhodes ) dismay. The one and only Jesse McCartney partied it up in Boston, dodging screaming girls and looking drop dead gorgeous while doing it.

This Season 1 episode of ' The Suite Life of Zack and Cody ,' appropriately titled ' Rockstar in the House ,' involved Maddie ( Ashley Tisdale ) and London ( Brenda Song ) stalking Jesse, Zack ( Dylan Sprouse ) pilfering all of Jesse's stuff to sell and Cody ( Cole Sprouse ) building a high-powered laser with Arwin ( Brian Stepanek ).

Let's travel down memory lane and remember all the ~vital~ things we learned from this classic episode. But first, hit play on this bad boy. You're welcome.
  1. Carey is absolutely bananas for Paul McCartney. Disney

    She loses her collective s--t after mistakenly thinking the frontrunner of 'The Beatles' was at the Tipton. Also, Cody had zero idea who Paul was. I thought he was supposed to be the smart twin?

  2. Arwin has some unresolved issues with science fairs. Disney

    When he was younger, he apparently caused an explosion and was 'banned for life.' When he gives an acceptance speech for 'winning' Cody's junior science fair, it's clear he still has some science demons to work out.

  3. There was an 'Orlando Bloom incident' at the Tipton. Disney

    According to Mr. Moseby, London's dad forbids her from bothering Jesse after something ~questionable~ happened with Orlando Bloom. WHAT HAPPENED WITH ORLANDO BLOOM?!

  4. Jesse's a fan of plaid. Disney

    And Maddie, um, collects it?

  5. He's also a boxer guy. Disney

    ? ? ?

  6. Oh, and he apparently has a lucky bracelet he always wears while performing. Disney

    Hey, if that's what helps him sing beautiful music, then he can rock the crap outta that bracelet.

  7. All three of these people can comfortably fit in an air vent. Disney

    o que aconteceu com Rowan Blanchard
  8. Jesse sleeps in the strangest position ever. Disney

    And he also snores, but whatevs.

  9. Zack is wayyyy better at video games than Jesse. Disney

    Of course, Zack's response to this realization is classic Zack: 'It's all right. We all have to get old sometime.'

  10. Jesse has the voice of an angel and is so damn hot. Disney

    Wait, we already knew that.

This one quote pretty much sums up the episode and how it made me feel. Also, this is 10 years old. What.