Jhené Aiko Drops Two Stunning, Ex-Blasting Videos For ‘Never Call Me’

Jhen Aiko Drops Two Stunning

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There are ~levels~ to Jhené Aiko ’s music, and that’s never been more apparent than when she decided to release not one, but two new videos for the same song. On Tuesday (March 20), she dropped off a double dose of visuals for Never Call Me, the latest single from her sophomore album, Trip .

The Kurupt-assisted track details the process of moving on from a toxic relationship, and each video has a different take on that theme. First up is the vintage-filtered Slauson Hills edition, in which she returns to her old L.A. stomping grounds and hangs with friends like Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy, and Hit-Boy. It’s all sunshine and good vibes, as Aiko nonchalantly assures her ex she was way too good for him in the first place.


The second vid, meanwhile, takes a much more metaphorical approach to the song. In it, Aiko is portrayed as the Japanese Shinto goddess of creation and death, and she acts out a funeral for her ex’s ego (yep, seriously). She told Refinery29 , The funeral is for a man I knew personally. A man who lost his way. This funeral is the funeral for his ego. In this visual, I portray the goddess of creation and death, coming to collect his poor spirit and set it free.

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Aiko also told Refinery29 about her decision to make two videos for Never Call Me. She explained, I just love this song. I have a lot of different layers to my personality and I love getting to express those layers through my visuals.