Jon B. Talks About Working With Tupac

Jon B Talks About Working With Tupac

Afeni Shakur hosted a celebration last weekend in Atlanta to mark what would have been the birthday of her late son, Tupac.

Among the artists turning out to mark the memory of Tupac was Jon B., who helped Tupac write and record 'Are U Still Down.' Jon B. recently reflected on their creative union and Tupac's easygoing nature during the recording session

'Walking in there, I'm like, this is kind of way out,' Jon B. told MTV News. 'So I'm in there, and there's like 25 Death Row people, everybody's in there just chilling, and I'm doing the song. You either feel comfortable or you don't, and I think he went out of his way to make me feel like, 'Do your thing. I'm digging your stuff, so do your thing the best you can.' The song got written and recorded in like three hours. [1MB QuickTime] I was extremely comfortable and feeling it.'

Jon B. has since scored a hit in his own right with 'They Don't

Know' from his sophomore album, 'Cool Relax,' which also features 'Are U Still Down.'

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