Jon Favreau Says Adding AC/DC To 'Iron Man 2' Was 'A Big Leap'

Jon Favreau Says Adding Ac Dc Toiron Man 2wasa Big Leap

Back in January, Marvel Entertainment announced that a special AC/DC album would be released in support of 'Iron Man 2,' with several songs by the band slated to appear within the movie itself. And according to director Jon Favreau, the music of AC/DC is well suited for Tony Stark himself; leading the to the band's appearance within the film.

'He's Iron Man, he's Tony Stark, he's going to go a million miles an hour,' Favreau explained to 'AC/DC: Iron Man 2' album is out in stores this week, while 'Iron Man 2' is set to land in theaters on May 7.

Which AC/DC songs do you think work best with 'Iron Man 2'? Are there any other heavy metal bands that should contribute songs for the 'Iron Man' films? Let us know what you're thinking in the comment section or on Twitter !