Joseph Morgan’s Sexiest Quotes That Leave Us Dead And Done Every Time

Joseph Morgan S Sexiest Quotes That Leave Us Dead

When you come in as the new, pretty much irredeemable baddie in ' The Vampire Diaries ' -- spoiler alert? -- you usually don't last long. See: John Gilbert, Connor Jordan, Galen Vaughn, Atticus Shane (Psst, if you're thinking 'WHO?!' on any of those, our point is totally proven).

But when Joseph Morgan waltzed into town all mean and indestructible as Niklaus Mikaelson, well, it was a different story. Even though he was categorically terrible and did some of the worst things ever , we f-loved the guy. Hell, he even became one-half of one of the most fan-fetished romances Mystic Falls has ever known (Klaroline) AND the lead in a rare successful spin-off series (' The Originals ').

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And there's good reason. He's irresistible, even at his worst. You know what? Especially at his worst. Because that's when the charm really gets flowing. And when he says any or all of these phrases, we're just done. Useless. So happy birthday, Joseph Morgan... You keep saying these phrases, and we'll keep watching.

  1. 'Bloody [Insert Any Noun In the English Language And It'll Do].' The CW

    Like a lot of Brits, Joseph Morgan has a way with adjectives. But when he says bloody anything we get a special kick out of it because of the obvious double meaning potential and the fact that his delivery is so very lush.

  2. 'I'd hate to keep you waiting.' The CW

    With him, any pronouncement of time is bound to be met with this sly statement that's threatening, sure, but we choose to trick ourselves into believing this little phrase is that long-awaited response to our incessant fan-mailing.

    Just kidding (maybe).

  3. '... Isn't it?' The CW

    Right before Klaus uses the words 'isn't it?' to cap off any sentence, he's just thrown some higher level knowledge down. Because Klaus is ridiculously intuitive and concept-oriented and he gets the bigger picture before it is drawn (which may also explain why he's such an art afficionado, yeah?).

  4. 'Shall we?' The CW

    When it comes to this O.V. (that is, Original Vampire), you pretty much shall do whatever he says. But see, it's totally on brand for him ask politely. Even if it is a completely rhetorical question.

  5. 'Mate.' The CW

    Disclaimer: When this guy calls someone his 'mate,' he or she is most certainly not his friend. But we do so enjoy hearing him say it, so we say please feel free to make frenemies with everyone in town, mate .

  6. 'Well, well, well.' The CW

    When these words come out, it's bad news. Actually it's almost always bad news whenever Klaus is nearby and saying things, but in this case it's especially bad because it probbbbbably means he's caught you in a moment of vulnerability somehow. And he's most definitely going to pounce on the opportunity. So, quiver.

    Somehow this still makes us swoon. A lot.

  7. 'Sweethearts.' @JosephMorgan

    On-screen and off, JoeJoe gets our blood boiling when he whips out this ' fang-fan ' favorite. It's both a term of endearment and a cut-down because that's how our original hybrid homeboy plays the lingo game. And we totally want to be one of his many sweethearts, please and thank you.

  8. 'I am immortal.' The CW

    There's no one more proud of Klaus' utter immortality than Klaus himself. And everyone around him would do well to remember that he is virtually indestructible and, by the way, has a scalding hot temper. And lest they do somehow forget this vital piece of information, he's all to happy to remind everyone again and again (and again) of his unprecedented badassery.

    Which is very okay. In fact, tell us more, you.

  9. 'Love.' The CW

    The way Mr. Handsome calls certain people 'Love' gets us real weak in the knees. The word's been used countless times before, of course, but he has made it all his own. Oh yes.

    Like, he could actually go and apply for the trademark rights to it today and we wouldn't even blink because yes. And also, sigh.

  10. 'If only you spoke Aramaic.' The CW

    Hands down the sexiest Klaus quote ever was from when he whipped out one of his many linguistic skills and spoke Aramaic to Caroline. It went something like, 'In Bas So-teen-too Ara-ma-eet.' And when he threw that one out, we died just a little. Rawr.

    Cialis faz você durar mais tempo?