Josh Hutcherson Discusses The 'Darker Side' Of His New Movie's Drug Lord Villain

Josh Hutcherson Discusses Thedarker Sideof His New Movies Drug Lord Villain

With reporting by Chris Kim

Over the years, many films and television shows have tried to figure out the man, the myth, the monster that was Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar -- hell, 'Entourage' even based Vinny Chase's most well-known and torturous role (in the fake movie 'Medellin') on the guy.

None of these films got as close to Escobar as Josh Hutcherson 's character Nick does is the new film ' Escobar: Paradise Lost ,' however, which is why we at MTV News felt like it was our duty to ask Hutcherson and his onscreen Escobar, Benicio del Toro , what they actually think of this almost mythological creature.

'It's a sad story, the Pablo Escobar story,' del Toro said. 'It's a hopeless story.'

'I didn't really know a whole lot about him; I kind of knew him as a Robin Hood kind of character,' Hutcherson, whose character gets involved with Pablo when he starts hooking up with his niece, added. 'Obviously, I knew that he was also a drug cartel, or drug lord. So there was obviously a darker side to him than just being a Robin Hood... I didn't do a lot of research though, on Pablo, because it wasn't my character.'

Del Toro, however, did do a whole lot of research -- and what he found was that what happens to Nick's character in the film is pretty damn realistic.

'There's some footage of him; there's some audio that you can listen to [of] him,' del Toro continued. 'There have been several documentaries made about him, books written... you do as much [research] as you can, and try to stay truthful. Nick is a good metaphor for the people in Columbia, to an extent. There's many people like Nick at the beginning of the story that are seduced by him... and then in the end, they just got the wrath. All along, he was a snake.'

'He's a seducer, man,' Hutcherson said. 'He's good at it.'

'Escobar: Paradise Lost' is in theaters now.