Joshua Bowman Recalls Getting Beat Up By Miley Cyrus For 'So Undercover'

Joshua Bowman Recalls Getting Beat Up Miley Cyrus Forso Undercover

Lucky for us, only Miley Cyrus is going 'So Undercover' in her forthcoming action-comedy. 'Revenge' star Joshua Bowman will remain plenty recognizable (and cute!) playing her love interest. Not that we're jealous or anything.

The movie revolves around a young woman named Molly who snags a job with the FBI to penetrate a sorority and protect a mobster's daughter. It co-stars Jeremy Piven, Mike O'Malley, Kelly Osbourne and, of course, Joshua.

'I play a guy called Nicholas. He meets Miley's character [at college]. We meet and we're in the same class, and we kind of strike up this interest for each other,' the actor explained. 'And then she's onto me cause she thinks I'm the bad guy, which I think I could be… but I don’t think I am.'

While there is a romantic undercurrent between Nick and Molly in the film (set for release in early 2012), it's really more about the action. 'It becomes a small love story. Well, it's not a love story cause it's action, but it’s a comedy as well… There are twists and turns, and you'll see who the real bad guy is. It's poppy. It's fun,' Josh teased, adding that he even gets in on the action, albeit with some mixed results.

'I get beat up twice: once by her and once by Jeremy Piven's character. I got beat up, so that’s not good. Nick got beat up; I didn’t get beat up,' he said, but his bravado didn't hold up when pressed about the whole getting-beat-up thing. 'Miley would kill me. She knows kung fu,' he added.

Are you ready to see sparks fly between Miley and Joshua in 'So Undercover'?