Julia Roberts Gained Seven To 10 Pounds During Filming Of 'Eat Pray Love'

Julia Roberts Gained Seven 10 Pounds During Filming Ofeat Pray Love

Confession time: we love Julia Roberts . We loved her in 'Pretty Woman' (which is 20 years old this year!), we loved her in 'Hook,' we loved her in 'Erin Brockovich,' and we just know we're going to love her in ' Eat Pray Love .' Fortunately for us, it seems that Entertainment Weekly loves her just as much as we do, since they Glee 's' Ryan Murphy , aren't you super excited now too?) decided that it would be more realistic to have Julia's Elizabeth Gilbert actually gain the weight. 'I didn’t want people to say, 'Well, she’s supposed to go to Italy and eat all this food, but she looks the same in the whole thing',' Julia said. 'So I talked to [director] Ryan [Murphy] about it... and he said, 'By the time Liz got to Italy, she was so under-weight that the weight she put on really got her back to normal and then a little bit more.' It wasn’t like she [became] a tub. So because I started at normal weight for me, by the time we left Rome and I was 7 to 10 pounds heavier, that was probably the truth of what she was dealing with.'

Since Julia is a mom now, and she was in every scene in the film, that meant her family had to travel with her across the world for the film. Few would complain about the opportunity to travel with their mother to Italy, Bali and India, but Julia said it was still something of a struggle.

'The day never ends [when you’ve got kids],' she said. 'As opposed to coming home from work and thinking, Hmm, should I make a drink and take a shower and put my feet up? it’s, you know, Mommy! But there’s a beauty to that that I was very attached to. And I certainly had a village of support to make it all happen.'

There was no favorite filming location for the kids ('My kids could really make a party in a cardboard box'), but Julia said that her children had a lot of fun during the shooting of the movie. '['Eat Pray Love'] was for us the WPT: We called it the World Pool Tour,' she said. 'Everywhere we went, it was so hot, we were just looking for a swimming pool. The fact that they never got sunburned and no one’s hair ever turned green was pretty much my maternal triumph of the summer.'

Are you as excited for 'Eat Pray Love' as we are? What do you think of Julia Roberts as an actress?