Justin Bieber Breaks Foot At London Concert

Justin Bieber Breaks Foot London Concert

Last night was supposed to be a big night for Justin Bieber . Not only was he hitting the stage at the famous Wembley Arena in London for a huge concert, but he was also sharing the bill with Taylor Swift (who invited Bieber along as her opening act). Unfortunately, Bieber's set ended prematurely when he tripped on stage and rolled his ankle. Though he finished his final song 'One Time,' he did not return for his planned encore and had to be rushed to a hospital for an x-ray. It was there he found out that he fractured his foot and needed a cast.

Naturally, Bieber let his fans know everything that was happening via Twitter . 'In the last song 'One Time,' I tripped over something on stage coming down the ramp and felt my ankle roll in a very bad way,' he wrote. 'Turns out I fractured my foot and had to finish the song on a broken foot.' Bieber was taken to a hospital, but not before a visit from the artist who invited him. 'Taylor Swift came backstage to see me before I went to the hospital because she is awesome!' he tweeted.

Bieber's foot was put in a cast, and early this morning he went back to the hospital to get an air cast put on, which he will have to wear for six weeks. Bieber even posted a picture of himself in the cast. 'Like the x-mas pj's?' he joked.

Swift and Bieber are scheduled for another show tonight in Manchester, and according to Bieber the injury will not prevent him from hitting the stage. 'Don't worry Manchester,' he wrote. 'The show must go on!'