Justin Bieber Tries To Stay Serious While Singing Taylor Swift’s ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’

Justin Bieber Tries Stay Serious While Singing Taylor Swift S Teardrops My Guitar

Justin Bieber ’s had a hard day. Just a few hours after ranting against fake and hollow award shows , the 22-year-old just wants to chill with some mood music and maybe have a good cry. So he did what any of the rest of us would do: He jammed to some Taylor Swift .

Instead of opting for a recent Taylor tune, though, JB threw it all the way back to 2006 with Swift’s breakout hit Teardrops on My Guitar. In a black-and-white Instagram video posted Monday afternoon, Bieber rides in the car with his pal Ryan Good as the ballad plays in the background. He makes eye contact with his phone camera and tries to stifle a smile, but once that chorus hits, he just can’t help but sing along. The emotions are so,so real.


In a second video, Bieber and Good apparently contemplate the origins of the song by talking about Drew.

You don’t even know Drew, Good tells Bieber, who looks perplexed and asked who that is. If you did, you’d understand, his friend tells him.

As diehard Swifties know, Swift wrote Teardrops on My Guitar for her high school crush Andrew Hardwick , whom she name-checks in the song. Drew also happens to be Bieber’s middle name, and clearly he seems to love that coincidence. Either that, or he loves mocking poor Swift’s old unrequited love.