Justin Bieber's Jason McCann Dies On 'CSI'

Justin Biebers Jason Mccann Dies Oncsi

If Beliebers thought Justin Bieber's debut episode of 'CSI' was action-packed, then they were in for a shock as the teen singer made his second appearance on the show on Thursday night (February 17).

As the episode titled 'A Target of Obsession' opened, accused serial killer Nate Haskell (Bill Irwin) was testifying in court in a case involving the attempted murder of Dr. Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne). Meanwhile, troubled teen Jason McCann (Justin Bieber) calls Nick Stokes (George Eads) and warns the investigator not to go home. But Stokes begins walking into his house anyway, only to be startled by a booby trap planted in the front yard.

With the help of the bomb squad, Stokes carefully removes himself from the ambush and appears grateful for McCann's warning. The rest of the squad, however, isn't convinced of McCann's good intentions; they order him to appear at the station. Switching back to the trial, Haskell, serving as his own defense attorney, interrogates Ray about the serial killer accused of attempting to murder the CSI investigator.

Although Stokes tries to interrogate McCann about the attempted house bombing, the teen remains tight-lipped about who the perpetrator is, and he's eventually picked up by his legal guardian. Soon after, the CSIs pay a visit to McCann's guardian, only to find him dead inside his work warehouse. Unfortunately, beneath his dead body is a device that traps Stokes and his team inside the building as a bomb surrounded by lasers ticks away.

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Back at court, Haskell calls another participant to the stand: a doctor, who once treated the serial killer. Dr. Cory later reveals that the attempted murderer was abused as a child and has a genetic defect, implying that Haskell shouldn't be held responsible for his actions.

With the bomb still ticking, the CSI crew attempt to deactivate the lasers. But one of CSIs is shot when he sets foot on a floorboard. Soon, it becomes apparent that McCann is actually behind the deadly traps.

During a court intermission, Haskell's fiancée, Vivian, confronts Dr. Ray about his lack of sympathy for her lover. Strategically making his way into the laser entrapment, another CSI deactivates the bomb momentarily but it eventually goes off. Firemen then arrive on the scene and report the unconscious CSI team to authorities.

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The day-long court trial continues, and Ray testifies on the stand that he, too, has been medically diagnosed as having the same gene as Haskell, but has yet to commit any crimes. The trial finally comes to a close and Haskell is found guilty. The CSI team relocates to a hospital, where one of the team is being treated and security guards have been posted. Laboratory investigators exploring the evidence further discover footage of a man identified as Timothy Johnson, a McCann affiliate.

As the pieces of the puzzle come together, Stokes figures out that McCann has been in on the lethal plan the whole time. Stokes gives the teen a call, tracks down his location, and a police crew chases down the van with Bieber's character in it.

In the next scene, Dr. Ray pays a visit to Haskell and discusses the convicted murderer's medical condition, as well as how he's dealing with the verdict and whether there's any hope Nate could regain his freedom.

'It's always been personal. They killed my brother,' McCann shouts to his associate Johnson while riding in the van. Now surrounded by a squad of police and helicopters, Bieber's troubled teen threatens his partner in crime and tells him to keep a steady head.

But Johnson hops out of the van and surrenders instead. McCann fires at the officers but is fatally shot multiple times. McCann dies and viewers learn that Haskell escapes prison with the assistance of his fiancée and a body double.

Before Bieber's 'CSI' episode aired on Thursday night, the 16-year-old teen sensation shared his excitement about the broadcast in a tweet , writing, 'Everyone back home make sure to tune in to CSI tonight!! Jason McCann is BACK!! #badass.'

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