Justin Bieber's Nose Piercing Is Old News — It's All About His Dangling Earring Now

Justin Biebers Nose Piercing Is Old News Its All About His Dangling Earring Now

Just days after debuting a nose piercing , Justin Bieber has decided to try out some other new bling in the form of a dangling earring. Wow, being back on tour is bringing out an unexpected side of JB, huh?


Justin showed off the new cross earring in an Instagram photo -- while he's had his ears pierced since 2011, it's been a minute since he's actually worn anything in his ears. Well, now he's back in the game and not with the studs of his past -- he's moved onto bigger, better, and more George Michael-inspired things.

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So, Justin is less than a week into the Purpose tour and has already tried out two new accessories -- by the end of the tour he'll have his belly button pierced, right? We can only hope.