Justin Timberlake's New Video Has Pharrell And An Exploding Illuminati Pyramid

Justin Timberlakes New Video Has Pharrell

The tracklist announcement for Justin Timberlake 's upcoming fifth album Man of the Woods provided much entertainment in the form of pure speculation : Is 'Flannel' really about wearing flannel in the woods, presumably while you chop wood? Is 'Livin' Off the Land' an Of Mice and Men retelling? Do the titular 'Supplies' suggest that this isolated cabin in which he's living is far enough away from society that he needs to make regular runs to the general store for necessities?

We'll still have to wait for the answers to those first two questions. But on Thursday (January 18), at least we found out that 'Supplies' is actually more about stockpiling for the (presumed forthcoming) end of the world. In the new bizarre, fever-dream video, Timberlake taps into protest culture with help from Pharrell to reveal that we're in the middle of some bad shit right now.


As the clip opens, Timberlake sits high above the city, staring blankly at a wall of TV screens Ozymandias-style , scanning every headline from Harvey Weinstein's abuse revelations to police brutality and the president's ban on Muslims. And then, in an instant, he's transported down to the street, where aristocratic and Illuminati symbolism has run rampant.

The video was directed by Dave Meyers, who has helmed dozens of videos over three decades and won Video of the Year at the 2017 VMAs for co-directing Kendrick Lamar 's dynamic 'HUMBLE.'

'Supplies' the song also sees Timberlake reunited with Pharrell and the Neptunes for the first time since his debut album, Justified , all the way back in 2002. And it sounds good!

Man of the Woods reportedly features eight additional Neptunes-crafted tunes, as well as collabs with Timberland, Danja, and others. We'll see what else is in store when it drops February 2.