Justin Timberlake's Topless 'Tunnel Vision' Video: GIF Reactions

Justin Timberlakes Toplesstunnel Visionvideo

Justin Timberlake reacts to hearing he's allowed to do an all-topless version of his 'Tunnel Vision' video.

Wow. Remember when Justin Timberlake made that heartfelt video about his grandparents' enduring love ? Yeah? Well that was March. It's now July, and you know what that means: BOOBS, obviously! At least in Justin Timberlake's world. His 'Tunnel Vision' video -- if you can find it online -- is packed with racks. I haven't seen that many bare breasts since this one weird time in New Orleans in 2001, and... wait a minute. That's actually none of your business. So, why does Justin Timberlake's 'Tunnel Vision' video look like something you accidentally stumbled upon when you turned on your hotel TV and found that the person who just checked out left you the gift of adults-only programming? Maybe the video's wardrobe budget was nil (DAMN YOU CONGRESS AND YOUR SEQUESTER!)? The air conditioning in the studio broke and the models decided it was best to just go topless? Maybe Justin's been spending some quality time with Robin Thicke. At a strip club. Maybe this is how a grown-ass man wants to live his life and celebrate selling more than 2 million copies of The 20/20 Experience . Or maybe, just maybe, Justin Timberlake wants to abstractly remind women 20 years and over to give themselves monthly self-breast exams. Doesn't matter why! The fact remains: Justin Timberlake's 'Tunnel Vision' video is seven minutes of bare boobies. Oh, come on! Don't complain. You bitched and moaned endlessly when Justin Timberlake stopped making music for six years, so don't get all Veruca Salty when he comes back with boobs to spare and boobs to share. You've obviously never been to Europe. Apparently they've got boobs for days there. So stop being so upset -- your name's not Jessica Biel (and if it is, HAY GURL! LOVE YOUR HAIR!) -- and maybe just try to see things through Justin Timberlake's perfect vision, because Justin Timberlake's clearly got a relaxed attitude toward nudity and an obvious appreciation for the female form.

Speaking of appreciation, since we can't show you the video, please enjoy these GIF reactions to Justin Timberlake's NSFW 'Tunnel Vision' video:

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