Kate Argent's Back On The Run, But Can She Escape Her 'Teen Wolf' Pursuers?

Kate Argents Back Run

Cats have nine lives, but what's the word on werejaguars?

On tonight's ' Teen Wolf ' season finale, Kate Argent, who's been determined to off Scott McCall , took her master plan to Mexico with the Alpha Wolf and Kira as her kidnapped bait. By turning Scott into a Berserker with the power of La Iglesia on her side -- thus, rendering him completely unrecognizable -- Kate hoped Liam and Malia would see him as just another enemy and do her dirty work for her. But Kira was able to warn Scott's pack before it was too late, and thanks to Liam, whose plea helped break Kate's spell, Scott tore off his villain's mask and became Beacon Hills' resident hero once more.

And the bad news kept coming for Kate, who discovered The Calveras -- a clan of werewolf hunters determined to exterminate her -- had finally found her at the ancient church. Kate and her Berserkers put up a good fight against Araya's henchmen, but Derek , who found his powers unexpectedly restored, helped The Calaveras out by tearing her apart. Kate tried to make a run for it, but Chris Argent, who finally decided he couldn't turn a blind eye to his sister's misdeeds any longer, put a bullet through her chest. Kate was down, but still not out.

In one final, impassioned address, Kate begged Chris to understand her actions. She explained that she held Scott and his pack responsible for the death of his daughter -- and her own niece -- Allison, but Chris saw mile-wide holes in her justification.

'Allison died saving her friends,' he argued. 'Who would you die for?'

Chris watched as his sister fled yet again, but made it very clear that the grace period was temporary. Now, he, The Calaveras and Braeden are all ready to find Kate and spill her blood, so the question is, can Houdini escape the water cell once more? Tell us what you think, 'Teen Wolf' fans!