Katharine McPhee Gets Knocked Up — In 'House Bunny,' Her First Film

Katharine Mcphee Gets Knocked Up Inhouse Bunny

If Katharine McPhee's revealing photo spread for Stuff magazine left you satisfied but looking for more, wait till you get a load of her in 'House Bunny,' the 23-year-old 'American Idol' star laughed.

'I am the hippie girl who is free-spirited and gets knocked up and has no father around. I think my whole gimmick is being pregnant,' she said of her role in the comedy, which centers on a former Playboy Playmate (Anna Faris) who signs up to be the house mother at a sorority. 'We have all these outfits that I wear that no pregnant woman — I don't care how hot you are — should ever be wearing.'

(Watch Katharine McPhee talk about her free-spirited role.)

Since the 'Over It' singer (see 'Katharine McPhee Says McPhans Are In Control Of 'Over It' Video' ) told Stuff she'd like to have 15 babies, a lot of people probably thought a McPhee pregnancy would soon be happening in real life as well. In no rush to have a child, McPhee chalks up the quote to a simple misunderstanding.

'The [ Stuff interviewer] asked me if I wanted to have a family, and I was like, 'Oh yeah, I want to have 15 babies.' And then it got put in all these magazines that I want 15 children,' she said. 'I didn't literally mean I wanted 15 children. I just meant I love kids and would love to have babies. So here I am, knocked up in this movie.'

McPhee says the comedy gave her a chance to learn about the craft of filmmaking in a no-pressure environment.

'I don't have the lead in the movie — it was a perfect opportunity to do something [that] isn't resting on my shoulders,' she said. 'I don't have tons of lines, [but] I'm in almost every scene, so I can just listen and be present and get the whole experience of what it's like to be on a set. It will be a good learning session for me.'

Of course, the process of learning is even more enjoyable since it's at the feet of one of her idols. 'We had our first table read last week, and [producer] Adam Sandler was sitting right across from me making faces,' she said. 'I was nervous, [but] I love Adam. I've always been a big fan of his movies and that kind of comedy. I met Adam and was like, 'This is so crazy!' '

McPhee, who said she is 'reading a ton of scripts and taking meetings nonstop' for future film projects, already has her next flick lined up: 'The Last Caller,' a coming-of-age indie about a young girl in search of herself. The film, which is still short a director, has McPhee jumping with excitement.

'It'll be cool because it's definitely an indie and, if it's made right, one of those festival darlings,' she said. 'It's more to see me as a serious actress. This is more like actress material and more of a lead role.'

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