Katy Perry Takes A Dip In A Candy Cane Martini In 'Cozy Little Christmas' Music Video

Katy Perry Takes Dip Candy Cane Martini Incozy Little Christmasmusic Video

It's time to get your string lights and ornaments down from the attic, folks! The holiday season is officially upon us, and yesterday (December 2), Katy Perry spread the cheer by releasing a colorful and festive music video for her catchy holiday track, 'Cozy Little Christmas.'

If the song sounds at all familiar, it's probably because it's not exactly new. Perry actually dropped 'Cozy Little Christmas' as an Amazon Music exclusive last year. But since Christmas music is timeless, after all, the pop star decided to distribute the song across all platforms in early November. And now, as part of her 25 Days of Cozy advent calendar, fans now have a brand new music video that will surely get them into the holiday spirit.


For first time listeners, 'Cozy Little Christmas' truly encapsulates what the holidays are all about. Sure, it's nice to give and receive gifts as a way of showing your loved ones that you care, but the season is about much more than that. As 'Merry Perry' says while lounging poolside with Santa Clause, 'I don't need diamonds, no sparkly things / 'Cause you can't buy this feeling.' And honestly, truer words have never been sung.

While the song itself comes with a very important message — to cherish the things in life that money can't buy, like your health and your loved ones — the music video is nothing but holiday fun from start to finish. In addition to lounging poolside with Santa, the jolly duo drink hot cocoa together, get a couples massage courtesy of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and even have a dance party around the Christmas tree. Toward the end, Merry Perry proves to be the merriest of all as she throws back some eggnog and takes a dip in a candy cane martini.

Ready for Christmas yet? Us too! But with the holiday still weeks away at this point, we have no choice but to be patient and join Perry as she counts down her 25 Days of Cozy. And we have to say, she's doing a great job so far.