Katy Perry Touched Shawn Mendes’s Butt For Reasons We Don’t Fully Understand

Katy Perry Touched Shawn Mendes S Butt

Before they both took the stage at the iHeartRadio Music Awards Sunday night (March 5), Katy Perry and Shawn Mendes shared a strange moment on the red carpet.

Mendes was busy doing an interview on Facebook Live when all of a sudden he spun around, distracted. 'Someone was just touching my butt,' he said.

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After a moment of confusion, the culprit apparently revealed herself. 'Oh, it's Katy Perry who was touching my butt,' Mendes declared. 'I should have turned around.'


To be fair, it looks like Perry is too far away to actually reach his butt at the time Mendes turns around to see who's been touching it. It could be that she claimed credit for a crime she did not commit, or that she's sneakier than any of us can imagine. Or that she has telekinetic powers that only work when she's psychically touching people's butts from five to eight feet away.

Are Katy Perry and Shawn Mendes already on butt-touching terms, or was this alleged sneak attack a way of breaking the ice between two pop stars? Is Mendes OK with the violation of his personal space and bodily autonomy? He did say that he was a huge Katy Perry fan after the butt-touching went down, so maybe he feels his butt has been blessed by the touch of a goddess. Still, Perry should probably get consent the next time she feels like telekinetically touching a butt.