Katy Perry's Cheetos Costume Already Won Halloween

Katy Perrys Cheetos Costume Already Won Halloween

I'm going to call it now: Katy Perry has already won Halloween. Why? Because she dressed up as a %#@&$ Cheeto!

I don't know why I feel the need to curse about it, but maybe it's because I'm mad as hell that I didn't think of this! The woman is a genius.

Brian Lindensmith/All Access Photo Agency

Katy, who just got a tattoo of Hello Kitty on her middle finger , showed up to Kate Hudson's Halloween party in Los Angeles in bright orange mascot attire, toting along a Cheetos bag as a purse. And let this prove how dedicated she is to the snack: she is not a regular Cheeto; she is, specifically, a Flamin' Hot Cheeto. Can't you tell by the neon hue of her get-up?

Vladimir Labissiere/Splash News

The girl loves her Flamin' Hot Cheetos -- she once said that's what she ate after her breakup with Russell Brand, and, more recently, you could see them in her video for 'Dark Horse,' featuring Juicy J.

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As for everyone else who went to Hudson's Halloween party -- they sure had a lot of competition. Rachel Zoe dressed up as Maleficent, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale went as Dracula and his bride, and Adam Sandler just slapped a three-cornered hat on his head and went as a pirate. Clearly, the winner is Katy, but Jessica Alba comes in a close second for her Slash costume.

Vladimir Labissiere/Splash News

If you can even say that's her.