Kelly Price Makes 'Catfish' Lemons Into Lemonade

Kelly Price Makescatfishlemons Into Lemonade

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Kelly Price and Carmen -- do these two look alike?

On last night's ' Catfish ' episode , Carmen, a Cincinnati resident, reached out to Max and Nev to help her cousin, Antwane, uncover the identity of a man named Tony. Antwane and Tony, who had been involved for three years, had only ever spoken over the phone, and the search for Tony was, thus, pretty challenging. But when it seemed like the case would never conclude, Carmen came forth and admitted she was the voice behind Tony. And her reason for duping her cousin? He'd once called her 'fat-ass Kelly Price ' in front of a group of people, and she wanted her revenge ( and some fame , to boot).

Welp, as soon as Carmen shared her story, 'Kelly Price' became a Twitter trend , and the Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter continued to be the topic of social media conversation through this morning. Kelly herself hasn't yet caught the episode, but did take the opportunity to thank those who'd been mentioning her (and plug her upcoming album, 'Sing Pray Love, Vol. 1') when she caught on. This is seeing the glass as half full, folks!

Oddly enough, the topic of weight is something Kelly spoke to in an interview with theGrio on Tuesday, in which she said her size has been the subject of criticism since she first broke into the biz 22 years ago. 'People were very vocal about saying that it didn't matter how good I sang, it didn't matter how well I wrote, that it was the visual.' Guess she and Carmen have that criticism in common!

Be sure to watch Antwane's whole story , and share your reaction to the Kelly Price Effect.

Kelly Price Photo: Ben Horton/Getty Images