Ken Jeong Explains Why 'The Hangover 3' Needs Naked Chow

Ken Jeong Explains Whythe Hangover 3needs Naked Chow

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It's not a spoiler to say that there is going to be a good deal of naked Ken Jeong in ' The Hangover: Part III .' Leslie Chow is back and crazier than ever in the new film, and Jeong believes that being naked is a necessary part of his character's personality.

'He's entering the world in this kind pantheon of chaos in a certain way,' Jeong explained to MTV News. 'When I think of a 'Hangover' movie, I think of 'loving chaos.' Like Chow loves chaos, and he enters the world loving chaos -- you know, of the 'Hangover' movies -- and then he finishes the trilogy with he still wants to show everyone that he still loves chaos. That to me is a bigger kind of message that I got from that, which I love.'

For Jeong, the nudity is just part of the fun of acting in these films. While he as a person isn't a fan of stripping down in front of strangers, Jeong actually was the person who originally suggested the idea of a naked Chow to director Todd Phillips.

'You don't. It was my idea. I don't know if you know, but it was my idea to pop out naked in the trunk in the first movie. When I read the script, Chow had clothes on, and I was thinking to myself, 'Chow has to be naked.' This is screaming for Chow to jump out naked. To me, it was screaming for that, and I actually asked Todd Phillips, 'Do you think I could do it naked?' and he said, 'You don't have to ask me twice.'

Jeong has played a number of memorable characters during his career, including 'Community's' Señor Chang and 'Knocked Up's' Dr. Kuni. Still, according to him, Chow is 'the best character I've ever played.'

'He's like Lucifer,' Jeong explained. 'He's like the devil, basically, because the Wolf Pack's got to do a deal with the devil to get Doug back in the first one and then Chow keeps popping in and out of the movies. And now you really get to see Chow really standing in the way of the Wolf Pack gaining their maturity and moving on with their lives. Just when you think the devil is done, think again.'

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