Kendrick Lamar's 'Control' Responses: The Good, The Bad And The Super-Ugly

Kendrick Lamars Controlresponses

Ever since Kendrick Lamar dropped his fiery bars on Big Sean's 'Control,' there has been an explosion of rap responses.

None of the MCs that Kendrick namedropped in his verse have released any related music. So while Drake, J. Cole, Meek Mill and A$AP Rocky have been respectively quiet, plenty of other capable lyricists like Joell Ortiz, Lupe Fiasco, Papoose, B.o.B, Fred the Godson, Cassidy and Astro have all released response records with varying degrees of venom.

It's getting hard to keep track, but MTV News breaks it all down for you.

The Good

Joell Ortiz, 'Outta Control'

The Yaowa wasn't mentioned by Kendrick, but that didn't stop him from being the first to hijack the 'Control' beat and get busy. 'Little homey, you ain't the king of New York/ You the next thing on my fork,' the Slaughterhouse MC spits.

Lupe Fiasco 'SLR 2'

After a lengthy Twitter rant, Carrera Lu dropped the sequel to his fan-favorite 'Super Lupe Raps' and takes Kendrick to task. He also gets props for using an original beat. 'He so crazy, look at the little baby/ N---a you ain't Nas, n---a you ain't Jay Z,' he raps.

war of words on TMZ, but after Kendrick issued his challenge, Ransom answered the call with multilayered rap bars.

Mickey Factz, 'South Park'

Mickey Factz has been flying under the radar since he filmed a commercial with Honda and then signed a deal with Jive Records in 2010. Yes, he's been quietly releasing mixtapes, but his 'South Park' marked a return of sorts. The Bronx lyricist takes exception that Kendrick didn't name him in 'Control,' but Mick's efforts would've been best used making a real comeback to songs that put him on the map like 'Incredible' and 'Rockin N Rollin.'

B.o.B, 'How 2 Rap'

Bobby Ray is a beast; remember when he combatted Tyler, the Creator on 'No Future?' Sadly, his Kendrick response didn't go over as well. 'How 2 Rap' remains super-creative throughout, with B.o.B switching flows and playing the guitar, but in the end it just doesn't connect.

The Super-Ugly

Astro, 'KONY'

The former 'X-Factor' standout steps into the arena over a well-timed Statik Selektah beat. He takes direct aim at K-Dot, claiming, 'I play like D'Antoni and get Lamar up out the game.'

The youngster can do better than this.

Riff Raff, 'Ballin' Outta Control'

Not quite sure what Raff's point is on this. He doesn't seem too bothered by Lamar's verse; actually this may be the nicest response out the bunch. 'I hope you have a beautiful family and your label is successful financially,' he rhymes.

Iman Shumpert, 'Dear Kendrick'

Iman shows some rap promise, but the New York Knicks guard hasn't built enough hip-hop clout to weigh in on this one. Plus, doesn't he have summer league?

J.R. Writer, 'Control Yourself'

The Dipset rapper's response just doesn't connect. Hey Cam, when is Ghetto Heaven dropping?

Kevin Hart, 'Chocolate Droppa Instagram'

Was this supposed to be funny?