Kendrick Lamar's Spanish Raps Shocked Schoolboy Q: 'I Had No Idea'

Kendrick Lamars Spanish Raps Shocked Schoolboy Q

Kendrick Lamar is a man of many talents, but who knew that rapping in Spanish was one of them? Not Schoolboy Q , that's for sure.

Q told MTV News that he was completely caught by surprise when Kendrick laid down a couple of impressive bars in Spanish, on his latest Oxymoron single ' Collard Greens .'

'I have no idea what he said,' the TDE rapper admitted. 'And I had no idea he was gonna do that. I remember seeing him talking to a Spanish dude while he was writing it and he came up with that and I was very upset because he killed it.'

Though the track will be a big win this summer, with its addictive beat and catchy verses from both rappers, Schoolboy Q says that it still isn't indicative of what fans can expect on his upcoming studio album.

'I still haven't dropped a record where I feel like in my eyes [represents it],' he said. '[But] I have a record that I'm about to drop and I'm shooting a video to it. This is like the introduction to the album. These are just getting people excited and getting people ready for what's about to happen.'

Q has filmed and made cameos in several videos at this point, but he added that he was excited to be working with a budget from Interscope this time around. 'I never paid for a video in my life so this is something I'm actually about to pay for and I'm about to see what happens,' he said. 'I never did nothing with a budget before. This whole time I've been working, everything's been independent and now it's time to try to take it to that next level and see what can happen.'