Khloe Kardashian's 'Complex' Shoot Would've Been Even Hotter If Kim Had Her Way

Khloe Kardashians Complexshoot Wouldve Been Even Hotter If Kim Had Her Way

I hope you're sitting down because Khloé Kardashian just dropped her cover story with Complex , and it is...a doozy.

Khloé, a newfound fitness advocate, graces the cover of the mag in a sheer paneled Minimal Animale bodysuit and...well, not much else. In fact, most of the shoot is similarly bare, picturing Koko in various one-piece numbers and bra tops with hot pants. It's not just to show off her *achem* assets —though sure, that helps—with that 'Let's get physical' cover line and fitness at the core, a glut of accessories and fussy glam would seem to miss the point. It's a styling tip that was actually made on set, as Complex reveals, by Khloé's sister Kim (maybe you've heard of her).

Complex Magazine / Steven Gomillion

For the setup with Koko situated on a medicine ball in the middle of a decrepit loft, Kim visited the set and had some suggestions for the shoot.

Can we take off the belt? It makes it look not sporty, Kim says, directing Khloé’s hair stylist to move over. You look so good, she tells her sister. [...] Kim’s style is very hands-on. She halts a shot, and positions the KUWTK camera crew in front of Khloé, who’s spread-eagle in a white Moschino bra and high-waisted black spanx shorts. Can we wet the nipples more? Can I do this? Kim shuffles over, grabs a bottle of water, and douses Khloé’s already wet body, soaking her white bra.

Unfortunately, we're not able to see the fruits of Kim's creative direction—as Complex says themselves, they 'don’t show as much nipple as Playboy '—(nor is Kim officially credited as such on the shoot), but judging by what did end up in the mag, we're sure it was hotttttt.