Kim Kardashian's First VMA Dress Was Unexpectedly Conservative

Kim Kardashians First Vma Dress Was Unexpectedly Conservative

Can you believe it took until 2011 for Kim Kardashian to step onto the red carpet at the Video Music Awards ? we

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Though the VMAs has a reputation as an awards show with a decidedly casual dress code, Kim went full glam — I mean, what'd you expect — in a metallic Kaufman Franco gown.

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The big reveal came when she turned around: The dress was completely sheer (important to note that it was not backless — there's sheer netting). Considering, uh, how much we've seen of Kim since then — on the covers of magazines , no less — this amount of skin seems conservative. I think we can all agree Kanye's overhaul of Kim's closet was a good thing. Like, can you even imagine a modern world in which Kim Kardashian thinks this is daring? Me neither, thankfully.