Kylie Jenner And Jenna Marbles’ Dog Playdate Was Absolutely Adorable

Kylie Jenner Jenna Marbles Dog Playdate Was Absolutely Adorable

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On Monday, Kylie Jenner and Jenna Marbles hung out, got goofy, dressed up their respective Italian Greyhound dogs and then read mean tweets about said canine besties. It was a good day.

The whole thing was broadcast on Kylie's app , but Kylie also shared a wonderfully adorable Instagram post so we could experience the sheer glee that is her pooch, Norman, and Jenna's pooch, Kermit, dressed up in ridiculous costumes.

Kermit donned owl specs and a striped shirt to become Waldo, and Norman cuddled up in a dinosaur costume perfect for pup Halloween. Later, Kylie spun Norman around as he rocked a yellow cone hat presumably as some type of wizard, clown or clown-wizard.

Of course, Kermit brought things home dressed as Uncle Sam (without the beard, but whatever), while Norman went all superhero on us with a Superman outfit. Super indeed.

'This officially happened and is on the @kyliejenner app ??? Kermit and @normieandbambijenner got to hang out and play dress up, thank you so much for having me Kylie, you are wonderful and your dogs are as majestic as I could have ever hoped. ??,' Jenna wrote in an Insta post of her own . And Kylie later shouted out the clip on Twitter.

Can you call us for the next playdate, plz?