Laci Green Gives Her Best Valentine's Day Sex Advice In Less Than 60 Seconds

Laci Green Gives Her Best Valentines Day Sex Advice Less Than 60 Seconds

By Lauren Grillo

We hope your Valentine’s Day is full of yummy treats, awesome gifts, and, of course, some lovin’. One of the best ways to take care of you or your special someone is making sure your sex life is safe and healthy. Our girl Laci Green is not one to back down from the #RealTalk, so we’ll let her lay out why sexual HEALTH (not just sex) should be on your brain.

  1. Hey, this condom isn’t going to just put itself on. MTV
  2. No babies , no problems. MTV
  3. Here’s how to be the one that doesn’t! MTV
  4. Seriously, they really don’t . MTV
  5. Hey, thanks doctor type human! MTV
  6. Safer sex = better sex . Promise. MTV
  7. All of the healths ! All of the the time! MTV
  8. Oh hai there, nice to meet ya . MTV
  9. I nominate condoms for the next Nobel Peace Prize! Who’s with me?! MTV
  10. Knowledge is powerful ( and sexy ). MTV
  11. Talking to your cat when no one is around is normal. Not talking to your boo about protection isn’t. MTV