Lady Gaga Or Cam'ron: Who Wore Pink Fur Better?

Lady Gaga Camron Who Wore Pink Fur Better

Lady Gaga, Cam

Lady Gaga and Cam'ron are pretty in pink.
Photos: Getty Images

A pink fur coat is just not something you see every day. I bet most people have never even seen a pink fur coat IRL. So imagine the sheer joy that we experienced when we saw that Lady Gaga stepped out wearing a coat almost identical to Cam'ron 's infamous early-aughts mink. Two pink fur coats, two of our fave people. And at the risk of inciting an all-out internet brawl, we're asking: Who wore it better?

It looks like one day in freezing New York City in an fishnet outfit was enough for Lady Gaga, because the next time she stepped outside, she broke out the big guns. Welcome to the world of jackets, Gaga. They'll change your life. The coat and its hood completely enveloped Gaga, exposing only one side of her new extra-long wig and the lower half of her white trousers. For Gaga's outfit, the coat isn't just a focal point, it's pretty much all you're looking at.

It was over a decade ago that Cam'ron first introduced us to his pink mink jacket, which is hard to believe considering it's something I've thought about every day since. Unlike Gaga, Killa Cam must not have felt the satin-lined coat was enough of a ~lewk~ on its own, so he wore it with a matching furry headband and left it open, showcasing a shirt with pink details underneath.

If you're in the market for a pink mink and have a cool $75,000 burning a hole in your pocket, Cam's is available to you— he's selling it online . While the coat is described (by Cam) as 'one-of-a-kind,' Gaga seems to have found a pretty similar one. The question remains, though, who wore it better?

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